Adobe Renewal and Account Purge

Our current Creative Cloud license will end late July. What does this mean for Faculty & Staff?

Due to the implementation of the new agreement, Software Licensing Management will no longer accept requests from the current Adobe Request form as of June 3rd. If you feel that you will need one in June, you will need to request it before that date.

The new request form will be available on or around June 24th and will require approval from your Dean, Director or Department Head.

Current Creative Cloud users:

  • Will receive an email in late April stating that their account will be terminated on June 21st, 2019.
  • Will also receive an email from Adobe notifying them of the termination when it goes into effect.

Going forward:

  • You will need to reach out to your IT department before June 3rd to request a license under the new agreement.
  • If your department agrees to purchase a license on your behalf, your account will be recreated within a short period after the purge.
  • Without prior approval of your department, new requests can only be made after June. 24th