ESRI Products / ArcGIS

ESRI Products include ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Desktop, Business Analyst and Community Analyst. Each of these programs process demographic information that can be used within a variety of ways within each application.

  1. Download links
  2. Instructions
    • ArcGIS Online
      • Fill out the form in Download Links, then Software Licensing Management will grant you access.
    • Business Analyst and Community Analyst
    • ArcGIS Desktop
      • Make sure that you meet the hardware requirements.
      • Uninstall and remove any previous versions of ArcGIS Desktop.
      • Log into the Campus network through VPN if you are located off campus.
      • Download and READ the Installation Instructions
    • ArcPAD
      • There are no installation instructions for this product.
  3. Serial Numbers
    • ArcPAD 7.1.1 – 107800B84774
    • ArcPAD Application Builder 7.1.1 – 107935B84773
    • ArcPAD 10 – This product is only available for educational purposes. You must email Software Licensing Management and request the code. Be sure to include how you will use the software or your request will be denied.
  4. Allowed to be used virtually?
    • YES

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