How to Download SAS

  1. You will need to first install BitTorrent. If you already have BitTorrent or a BitTorrent client, you may skip to step 3. Visit the BitTorrent WebsiteThis link will open in a new window


  2. Click Download Now and download the BitTorrent installer. Install BitTorrent. We advise that you read all parts of the installer carefully, as you will be prompted to download/install other software and toolbars, which, while unlikely to cause harm, will definitely slow your computer down.

  3. Now, go to the NCSU SAS Download PageThis link will open in a new window. Under Available Versions find the desired version of SAS, and click on it to go to the download page. Let's say you chose Windows 64 bit.

  4. On the next page, select SAS 9.3 Windows 64-bit Download (or the version that you chose previously). Installation instructions are available on the link just above the SAS Download link. The instructions will help during software installation, and should be downloaded as well.

  5. Your browser will now download a .torrent file. After completion, double click the ".torrent" file. NOTE: This is not the SAS Installer. The SAS installer will be downloaded in the next step.

  6. Your download will now start. After your download completes, follow the instructions downloaded earlier to install your software.

  7. Fill out a SAS/JMP Assistance Request form if you have any trouble downloading or installing SAS.