Software Licensing Management

Who are we?

Software Licensing Management members and contact information.
Name Title Email
Bill Coker Manager
Mark Harben Technical Analyst
Julia Sawin Software Licensing Management Intern


Where are we located?
Software Licensing Management is located in suite 220 of the Hillsborough Building. Our address is 2620 Hillsborough Street, Raleigh NC 27695

How can you contact us?
You can contact Software Licensing Management by email at

What we do:

  • License Asset Management
  • IT Contract Negotiation and Review
    • Click-wrap Agreement Risk Assessment
    • Non-Negotiable Hardcopy License Review
  • License Procurement
  • IT Purchase Compliance Management
  • Site License Coordination
  • SAS Grant Administration
  • Licensing Support
  • Coordination with UNC-GA & Bookstore
  • OIT Licensing Maintenance Review & Renewal
  • Software Inventory Management
  • Campus Outreach
    • Needs Assessment
    • License Consolidation
    • Planning & Direction
  • Software Distribution