Submit Request for Review

An IT Purchase is defined as all information and communication technology products obtained by the university to support its mission that employs, stores or transmits university data, integrates with university systems or utilized by faculty, staff or students.

In order to begin this review process, please have a technical contact who is familiar with the product submit the IT Purchase Compliance request.

To submit an IT Purchase Compliance request, the Requestor should make an effort to gather all necessary compliance information prior to the submission.

Please use the Pre-Assessment tool to assist in determining what information needs to be submitted to OIT.

Note: The review process may be delayed until all necessary information has been provided.

Once the initial information is gathered, start the review process by completing the IT Purchase Compliance Review Request.

You will receive an email confirmation of your submission with an assigned ServiceNow Task number so that you can add information later, ask questions or review the status.

The IT Purchase Compliance process may take 2-12 weeks for complex requisitions, based on the depth of the review required and the vendor’s responsiveness.

If you have questions about the IT Purchase Compliance Review process, please contact Software Licensing Management at